Floyd Training Center’s Community Access program offers a combination of group and individual supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our purpose of this program is to help build daily living skills, integrate our individuals into the community, and foster an environment for self-determination. We strive to have a dynamic program that incorporates the community into our program through internships, volunteers, and partnerships.

Community Access Group (CAG) services requires a 1:10 staff ratio. All the groups are determined based upon the needs of the individuals. We have a total of 5 groups within FTC and we train on various skills that each group participates in with their instructors. FTC has several partnerships within the community that provides opportunities for volunteering, community connections, and social skills. Some of the partnerships include the Food Pantry, Community Kitchen, Center for Independent Living, and Angel Express. Our main goal for CAG is to help connect groups of people to their communities and build skills to help achieve independence.

Community Access Individual (CAI) services requires a 1:1 staff ratio and is only provided in the community. A CAI staff will pick up the person receiving services and take them out to do activities of their choosing such as go out to eat, visit a new place, build community connections, go shopping, etc. The maximum amount of time a person receiving CAI can go out a week is 6 hours and the amount of time is based upon the funding they are approved for under either family support or the NOW/COMP Medicaid waiver.